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  • Aptica


    Aptica is a Belgian brand of reading, protective and solar glasses. With functional designs, sometimes extravagant, sometimes minimal, but always original, the Aptica studio offers a wide selection of reading glasses, with corrections from + 1.00 to + 3.00, blue light filter, anti-scratch and anti-glare finish, protective glasses, with neutral correction + 0.00, blue light filter, anti-scratch and anti-glare finish, and finally sunglasses.
  • Braun Audio

    Braun Audio

    official Braun Audio dealer

    Braun Audio speakers LE series: high fidelity powered speakers | bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi, Internet | AirPlay 2 and ChromeCast | voice assistant Google | microphone with mechanical switch for real privacy | minimalist aesthetics and durable materials | 2-year original guarantee

    Braun Audio is the unexpected return to the high fidelity audio of the well-known Teutonic house. With the new LE series of powered speakers, made up of three speaker models LE01, LE02 and LE03, and capable of both wired and wireless wireless wires, state-of-the-art internet streaming and voice assistant, the will emerges to pass on that decalogue built by designer Dieter Rams, a manifesto of good product design born within the Braun design office and which has inspired generations of industrial designers up to the present day.

    Braun Audio is Braun's return to high fidelity. Nicole design store - takes part in this (new) adventure by becoming its official dealer.

    There are three models available, LE01, LE02 and LE03, in the colors black grille / white body and black grille / black body.

    Also available for contract and hôtellerie customers, we are available to provide you with the best support and the best quotes.

  • Chabaud Maison de Parfum

    Chabaud Maison de Parfum

    From CHABAUD's website:
    "CHABAUD Maison de Parfum since 2002 CHABAUD Maison de Parfum is a family owned French niche perfume brand from Montpellier specialising in the production of luxury eaux de parfum, eaux de toilette, interior fragrances and candles able to create a universe of pure elegance. Following the traditional heritage of french perfumery and the creativity typical of Chabaud we are able to make special products and unique creations for our customers. We believe that a great perfume always has a beautiful story to tell. If a scent makes your heart beat, it shows a desire, a dream, a longing. With its evocative power the past is reinvented, dreams of the future are conceived, an ideais shared. This is our vision and we invite you to discover our perfumes with their evocative names : Innocente fragilité, Mysterious Oud, Lait de biscuit, Eau ambrée, Chic and Boheme plus many more. Chabaud proudly produces its creations entirely in France : from fragrances to bottles and packaging. Sophie Chabaud. "

  • Cirerie de Gascogne
  • Couto


    Couto: excellence in dental care

    Among the companies specializing in personal care products, few can still boast such a rich and authentic historical heritage as Couto S.A., a Portuguese family-run brand that has earned a reputation for excellence in formulating products for oral, hair, and body care, particularly becoming famous worldwide for its renowned toothpaste. Couto, with nearly a century of history, has been a pioneer in promoting proper dental hygiene, with recipes both with and without fluoride and vegetal ingredients of unparalleled quality, produced in their own facilities that still combine the ingredients and package the preparations in the iconic Couto aluminum tubes.

    Official Couto Dealer

    Nicole - offers the iconic Portuguese brand by including Couto products among its references, providing a wide selection of formats and recipes of the most iconic products. We are official dealers of the brand and guarantee fresh batch references, globally adequately transported to your doorstep. A dedicated space is also available at the Forlì, Italy store and showroom where you can discover and get hands-on with a piece of European family business history.



    We love to move whitout worries. That is what our philosophy, Handle Without Care, is all about, and all our creations are shaped around this concept. They are born already damaged, crashed, but made with the most advanced mate- rials to be practical, functional and resi- stant. You can handle them without caring of what could happen, only really focusing on what you are doing and what you have to do. And if you crash them more don’t worry they will be even more awesome. 

    The damaged case! An innovative travel philosophy that has opened the way to a completely new way of conceiving the suitca- se: that of the non-handle with care, where damage is no longer a problem. Crash baggage already has the typical dents that are caused by frequent use. With pressure points carefully placed to survive even the roughest handling, each bump and dent adds to the bag's playful personality. With Crash Baggage, travel battle scars become markers of your incredible international adventures. All this without forgetting the functionality

    and comfort of an object that has been crea- ted using the most advanced materials. With your “crash baggage”, you will feel relaxed and at the same time unique while travelling.

    Founded in 2012 by Francesco Pavia, a young Venetian designer grown up more than familiar with travel and luggage concepts under his father's know-how and expertise, CRASH BAGGAGE® now stands as one of the most dauntless contemporary brands, incessantly reinventing the way in which hard-shell trolleys should be designed, manufactured and styled. 

  • Crosley


    Crosley Brand & Crosley Radio

    Crosley is a turntable, music listening and home decor brand with strong roots in the United States, Louisville, Kentucky.

    Crosley's complete collection of suicase turntables, console turntables, radios, cassette players, CD players and hi-fi systems is offered here with an official 24-month warranty, factory set-up for use in Europe and exclusive set-ups to improve its performance.

  • Féret Parfumeur

    Féret Parfumeur

    Fragrant Parfumeur - from 1878
    Prfumer is the trademark of the Féret family, which since 1865 is dedicated to the marketing of natural cosmetic products. The main products only include the "Bloc Hyalin", the first natural rock block allergen to be marketed as a cosmetic product, and the "Hyalomiel" Gel gel gel for skin based on organic honey.

    The strange incongruity between the dates derives from the fact that before 1878 Féret commercially excluded natural rock blocks and that only from this date became the Féret Parfumeur of today.

    1878 : the Féret brothers, Lucien and Roger, succeeded their father, who had founded the company in 1865. They created a new company, Féret Frères, which ensured the distribution of big names such as Cutex, Pétrole Hahn, Nivea, Bourjois, Colgate, Odo-ro-no, Bayer …
    Féret Parfumeur was already making Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel in France.

    1900 : Bloc Hyalin won three medals at the Paris Universal Exhibition. Bloc Hyalin was an essential product for barbers, hairdressers and dermatologists.
    Hyalomiel was a popular skin care treatment with many uses. At the time, it was used by the whole family and valued for baby care.

    In the 1930s the Féret brand enjoyed world-wide prestige and the company employed more than 700 people in France and had several outlets overseas.
    Féret Parfumeur had its own shop on the Faubourg Poissonnière area of Paris.
    Féret Frères had at its disposal a sales force of 150 people and owned several delivery and exhibition vehicles. Féret Frères enjoyed at that time a quasi monopoly on the distribution of branded cosmetic products in France.

    In the 1970s, on the death of Mr Lucien Féret, mainstay of the distribution side at Féret Frères, contracts with the quality brands came to an end. Féret Parfumeur continued the production and the distribution of its own brands: Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel.

    1975 : Mme Féret (Roger’s daughter) ran the company with her husband, Etienne Vannier then in charge of a large Cognac enterprise, and permanently established the distribution in pharmacies in France and to a lesser extent in the United States.

    2012 : Alexis Cabanne, one of the grandsons and very much attached to the brand, took up the family tradition. Féret is now benefitting from a new lease of life and a re-launch in the export market.
  • Filt


    The historic French yarn brand "Filt", est. 1855 in Normandy, stands out in the production and dyeing of resistant natural and organic yarns processed according to the patented mesh weaving. The net walking bags, shopping bags and market bags or netted shoppers are the iconic object created by the inventive of Filet Filt who patented them in 1860. Completely made with traditional procedures in France with natural yarns, certified organic and cruelty free, the filt net bags are resistant, practical and ideal for the most uses.
  • Fujifilm


    An accurate selection of the most popular films by the japaneese brand, Instax Mini, Instax Mini Monochrome and Instax Wide included.
  • Geneva


    Geneva Lab is the sound laboratory that has been specializing in single component hi-fi audio systems since 2005, adapting high fidelity audio listening to the ease of interaction that only an all-in-one unit can achieve.

  • Gingko


    Gingko is a family-run industrial design studio based in the UK. Objects of everyday life reinterpreted in a sustainable key made of natural wood.

  • Jacob Jensen

    Jacob Jensen

    Nicole design store -, thanks to a fifteen-year long collaboration with the Jacob Jensen design studio, presents in its entirety the collection of communication tools signed by Jacob Jensen and Timothy Jacob Jensen.

    Iconic and monolithic interpretations of the telephone, made of durable materials and elegantly finished with contrasting inserts, as if inlaid, are of particular interest in an elegant home, in a professional environment, in an art gallery or museum and in the hotel environment.

    Sculpture-telephones, the Jacob Jensen models are the quintessential Scandinavian design telephones.

  • Jao Brand

    Jao Brand

    Jao Brand Made in Pennsylvania (U.S.) products  are skilful combinations of 100% natural ingredients formulated for the daily care of the body. Unisex and multifunctional, each cosmetic creation from Jao Brand is a concentrate of active ingredients and completes a line that touches all the spheres of beauty-care: from deodorant to sanitizing, from moisturizing ointment to anti-age cream, from lip balm to the beard and mustache balm/scent.

  • JLab


    JLab Audio is a California based brand dedicated to delivering the most practical and balanced analog and digital audio experience. They offer a comprehensive range of products, including over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, earbuds, wired and wireless options, seamlessly integrating auxiliary technologies, Bluetooth, voice assistance, and remote control features into stylish and ergonomic headphone and earphones designs.

  • Kreafunk


    Kreafunk - Creative Function
    Nicole design store's comment
    Kreafunk is a young Danish brand of products linked to the world of audio and hi-tech mobility. Quality in building materials, refinement in product design, audio components are just some of the distinctive features of their creations. Not Simple Speakers, Not Simple Radios, Not Simple Headphones: Each object is projected towards the best (Creative) experience in its daily use (Function). A hi-tech brand that is well-researched and inspired by the influence of iconic design of hi-fi consumer electronics over the past decades translated into modernity by a group of young fellows from the Danish architecture capital of Århus.

    is about to funk up your day

    is bringing you the best of creativity and functionality combined. Do you know what that sounds like? You will – when you enter the groovy world of KREAFUNK.

    is a passionate Danish design duo dedicated to bridging the gap between creativity and functionality through quality designs with an urban vibe. 

    was founded in 2011 and started as an idea between two friends – an idea to make a difference through design and technology.

    aims to challenge, delight and deliver on a great design an suprising solutions.

  • La Corvette - Savonnerie du Midi
  • Lund London

    Lund London

    Official LUND London dealer in Italy, discover a collection of lifestyle objects for the home, office, outdoor. Quality research and creativity are key words in our selection, just as they are for the emerging British brand.
  • Magno Wooden Radio

    Magno Wooden Radio

    It was in 2006 when Oliver discovered a single wooden radio at the Jakarta Fair. He wanted to take one home, but Singgih told him, that at first he needs to know about his opinion towards design and ecology. The following one year of discussion and getting to know each other (via email and skype) had an enormous impact on us: We learned about producing a hand-crafted radio in a surrounding that is often known worldwide for mass production at doubtful conditions. This is why we are proud to be responsible for the distribution of a unique design-product with a unique production-philosophy in regard to people and environment. We started to use our european network for supporting eco-orientated designers and their projects in 2010. We slowly increase the range of our products in the future. Awards: · Brit Design Award, United Kingdom · Design Plus Award, Germany · Good Design Award/G-Mark, Japan · International Design Resource Award Seattle, USA · Indonesia Good Design Selection Awards Thanks to a new collaboration with famous audio manufacturer, in the last year, the designer developed a new technological interface for the radios that doubled the quality of the speakers and also decided to implement a digital radio receiver due to simplify the receiving of the frequency. He also created a new version of its iconic IKONO radio, the IKONO ++ with more different types of wood (pine, rosewood & Teak)
  • Marius Fabre

    Marius Fabre

    Marius Fabre is a Unique and original marseille soap factory. Produces biological and hand made soaps since 1900
    Soap Factory since 1900

  • Marshall


    Marshall: high fidelity audio speakers and headphones

    Marshall official dealer | showroom, online shop and contract | 2-year guarantee

    Marshall Headphones has tamed the bombastic power of classic Marshall amplifiers in form factors suitable for everyday life outside and inside the house. A complete collection of hi-fi music listening accessories where design and attention to aesthetic details are second only to the audio quality guaranteed by high fidelity speakers and headphones with an unmistakably rock style and offered in the wide selection of Nicole design store - nicolestore .it, official Marshall dealer in Italy.

  • Moccamaster


    Moccamaster - Techni Vorm is the expert manufacturer of the famous Moccamaster KBG Select filter coffee machines. A unique product of incomparable quality, certified both by the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) and by the international Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), each Moccamaster coffee brewer is handcrafted in the Netherlands and guaranteed for 5 years.

  • Monbento


    Monbento is the author that presented itself as a revolutionary bento and lunch boxes brand for the modern food nomad. A lunch Box, or Bento Box, directly inspired by the japanese tradtion, with a minimal uber-durable design and quality materials that, combined with multiple accessories such as therms, forks, spoons, knives, botles and more that perfectly creates and healthy food environment to eat on the go.

    Nicole design store became Monbento Official reseller by Summer '17 thanks to the decision of the company to produce its products in european soil: All MB Original Lunch and Bento Boxes that you can find on this website, in fact, are 100% Made in France.

    Each Model of Lunch Box, Bottle, or piece of accessory has exlusive and certified qualities, it is made with premium materials and only with plastic BPA & BPS Free.

  • Najel


    Najel, brand of the Al Najjar family, manufacturer of the original Aleppo soap in Syria, is a collection of genuine products with Middle Eastern and North African origins and production enriched by the original Aleppo soap, with proposals for personal care and at home, from detergents to nourishing oils.

    Najel is among the only western importers of the original Aleppo soap made in Syria.
  • officina naturae

    officina naturae

    officina naturae is the pioneering Italian brand of certified ecological, organic and vegan cosmetics, personal hygiene, hair care and household cleaning products. Nicole design store - is the official officina naturae dealer, presenting a large part of the vast catalog of bio-eco-compatible cosmetics and detergents that are good for the body and the home without harming the environment.< /p>

  • Passive Sound

    Passive Sound

    It's aimed at enhancing any furnishing accessories which passively amplify the sound of the device that’s plugged in.
  • Pijama - Colorful Soft Cases

    Pijama - Colorful Soft Cases

    Nicole design store selects the best of each collection from the Milanese brand of totally handmade covers and accessories fashion in Italy. In our catalog you will find mainly bags, backpacks and wallets but also cover for your MacBook, iPad and iPhone. The designers, realizing that the large stock of fabrics in the district of Milan fashion could have a second life, set up a constantly updated series of neoprene accessories on which, season by season, are applied different patterns of tissue.
  • Prospector Co.

    Prospector Co.

    Prospector Co. is a grooming and personal care products brand founded in 2010 in Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

    From no-shaver products, with oils and balms, to daily shavers ones, such as after shave and moisturizers, to skin care, like scrubs and buttersProspector Co. presents the quality of its ingredients and the natural simplicity of its formulations  for a selection of products capable of guaranteeing a personalized experience.

  • qeeboo


    Qeeboo is an Italian furniture company founded in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni, a well-known Italian designer, among the most influential and prolific of the 21st century. Qeeboo stands out thanks to an innovative design and manufacturing  approach to bold furnishings and design objects, often characterized by a playful and iconic aesthetic. The company's mission is to create products that are contemporary, accessible, and capable of eliciting positive emotions at first glance. Qeeboo collaborates with internationally renowned designers, gathering in its collection 100% made in Italy creations conceived by Giovannoni himself, Marco Oggian, Studio Job, Nika Zupanc, Richard Hutten, or Marcantonio, just to name a few, all with the mantra of bringing to the furniture and accessory design market a wide selection of originally new products that can functionally span from furniture to home accessories to lighting.

  • Roberts Radio

    Roberts Radio

    Roberts Radio: finally, an Official Dealer in Europe

    Roberts Radio has finally arrived in Europe in all the splendor of the iconic models that have written and continue to write the history of portable radios from across the Channel and the Commonwealth. The complete collection of Roberts Radio audio speakers delights the eyes and ears with devices that, even when turned off, know how to liven up any room at any moment.

    Nicole - is the official Roberts Radio dealer in Europe and offers the entire selection of models designed by Roberts for the European market, providing exclusive benefits to all customers who purchase from these pages or at the Forlì (Italy) showroom. This includes the assurance of factory-standard European plugs and the renowned Official Roberts Radio Warranty for Europe, valid for 24 months from the date of delivery.

  • selezione nicole

    selezione nicole

    selezione nicole collects objects and consumables resulting from a direct and to a varying extent involvement in the development, choice of ingredients and materials, production and marketing of Nicole design store -

  • ThumbsUp U.K.

    ThumbsUp U.K.

    Born in 2004, Thumbs UP is an english based gadget brand. Each of their products has the destiny to become a must have gadget and them are vey proud of that... So every year they made new ones! From loud speaker to the last in fact of home accessory this brand is suggested to who hasn't any Idea about whit present to make.
  • Tivoli Audio

    Tivoli Audio

    Tivoli is the hi-fi design radio

    Tivoli Audio official dealer | point of sale, online and contract | 2-year guarantee

    Tivoli Audio is the manufacturer of analog and digital radios and wired and wireless speakers that has best known how to synthesize the function of radio at high fidelity in the iconic, compact and efficient design of Tivoli Model One, projecting a technology and a habit of consumption of audio content representative of the past, thrusting it into the contemporary, condensing the aesthetic drawn by the pencil of Henry Kloss with travel iterations, in Pal + BT, digital, in Model One +, and streaming, in Model One Digital.

    Nicole design store - is the official sales point for Italy, online and in the store, reserved both for private customers, for personal purchases, and for professional customers, for design projects furniture, hôtellerie, agencies, corporate and B2B.

    Choose your Tivoli Audio radio in this official catalog for the Italian market or contact us for a quote.

    Tivoli Audio models catalogue

    Tivoli Model One BTTivoli Model One +Tivoli Model One Digital (Gen. 2)Tivoli PAL + BTTivoli Music System +

  • TNuT


    the elastic-propelled nutcracker.

    TNuT is the innovative nutcracker that doesn't crush the nuts, but cracks them anyway.

    Thanks to an elastic capsule, each model in the TNuT collection allows you to project the nut of your liking, from hazelnuts to walnuts, onto its bottom, thus offering the fruit unordered and ready to be eaten.

  • Versatile Paris

    Versatile Paris

    Versatile Paris, a Parisian perfume house, involves its audience in a new and unique experience between notes and olfactory pyramids usually considered ordinary and institutional. A small, deliberately accessible collection of perfume extracts, with strong concentration, persistence and longevity. Versatile Paris has created, in a few months of life, new icons to wear without fear and to make your own without remorse.

  • we are rewind

    we are rewind

    we are rewind: reliving the era of audio cassettes in an authentic style with thoughtful technical improvement

    "we are rewind" is much more than just another consumer electronics brand; is a declaration of love for the undisputed musical icon of the 80s and 90s: the audio cassette. A brand of cassette players and recorders born in response to the simple and passionate question that few initially asked themselves: "why not bring the cassette player back to life?"

    Now that the analogue tape format is making a great return on stages and charts across the globe, we are rewind offers a device, the we are rewind cassette player, available in 3 colours, with both completely analogue functionality and with wireless transmission via Bluetooth.

  • WOUF


    WOUF is a brand of accessories, cushions, bags and sleeves with an attractive and refined design made in Barcelona. Our selection of WOUF is completed, year after year, with all the novelties and the most appreciated accessories of the previous collections. From the WOUF bags to the WOUF cases, from the WOUF clutch to the WOUF cushions, we are official online and in-shop dealers for the brand in Italy

  • Xoopar


    Xoopar is a brand that thinks and mainly speaker and emergency chargers for mobile devices. Selected by us in 2012 with a number of proposals are always available, has allowed our shop to make a quantum leap in hi-fi products that have a lower cost one hundred euro. The philosophy of Xoopar is based on 4 core values: DESIGN: design hi-tech unique shape and quality, made to last. INNOVATION: design products that combine reliability and ergonomics to give a unique and new to its customers. SIMPLICITY ': easy to set up, each is distinguished by a high-capacity connection (3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, NFC, USB) and the total lack of buttons and settings unnecessary use. FUNNY: POP design and attractive finish make it nice and elegant while each piece unique shapes inspired by Eastern traditions make these items unique in the world of electronics. Xoopar comes from the word "super", which brings us back to how these great speakers, these capacious batteries and all accessories of the brand are thought to be the best on the market. Xoopar needs to be remembered by people when they say the word "super". XOOPAR BOY Xoopar Boy is the mascot of the entire brand, which over the years has inspired several generations of products. It comes from a character of traditional Chinese culture elaborated in terms of design modern, emphasizing the innovative and contemporary design of Xoopar. The appearance of this character have been inspired by a fantasy comic entitled "Dream Chinatown" where the characters possessed certain qualities of the art Kung Fu. Xoopar boy is the element that could be called a transition between the traditional culture of the past and the POP-day, capable of reflecting the aspirations and then people's dreams.