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Shipment & Delivery

A simple, safe and quality delivery service, suitable and adaptable to all needs.

Thanks to our experience gained in several years of ecommerce, we have made available to each of our customers a delivery system that fits his needs, as defined in a few lines:

- Shipments exclusively tracked and traceable;

- Shipments, if requested, can be insured for the total value of the goods contained;

- Wide selection of national and international carriers (TNT, TNT Post, DHL, SDA, Skynet, EMS and UPS);

- Priority contact with the customer;

- Adaptability of delivery to specific days and time slots (for ITALY and EUROPE);

- For ITALY, Multiple levels of speed of service from a minimum of 24 working hours (sometimes 48 for Islands and Calabria) for a Rapid Express service to a maximum of 24/48 working hours (sometimes 72 for Islands and Calabria) for an Espresso service Standard;
N.B. The standard express delivery service can take from 24 to 72. 85% of standard express delivery shipments are delivered within 24H for mainland Italy and 48H for major islands, and only 15% of the expeditions from 48H to 72H.
We always recommend the use of the standard express courier as it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

- Request delivery signature with digital proof of delivery (DIGITAL POD) or proof of paper delivery (POD, on request) for all shipments;