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cotton mesh net bags

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Mesh Shopping Bag

Ideal as a mesh shopping bag for your daily market visits, grocery shopping, or trips to the supermarket, this type of bag is functional and suitable for a sustainable lifestyle, minimizing the use of disposable resources. Made with high-quality yarns for maximum durability even under heavy loads, these bags also serve as the best way to store fresh fruits at home, "hanging" as if they were still on the tree.

Cotton Mesh Bag

Traditionally made of cotton and other natural or organic fibers, everyday bags have been subject to innovative projects and ideas since the advent of early textile automation. The "mesh" technique was patented in mid-19th century France, giving birth to the Filet Filt mesh bags.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Net Bag

Produced with 100% biodegradable and/or recyclable materials and dyes, mesh bags are a reusable and environmentally friendly solution. They are completely washable, easily repairable, and a quality choice.

The Net Bag: Everyday Useful, Circular, Eco-Friendly, and Handmade

The mesh bag is a versatile and indispensable accessory in daily life. The mesh bags selected by Nicole are made entirely of natural or dyed organic cotton, of high quality, with a patented technique that allows for unmatched flexibility, elasticity, and durability over time. The mesh bag is known for its practicality and its ability to adapt to various use cases. Its non-rigid and mechanically elastic structure allows for comfortable transportation of objects of various sizes, while ensuring even weight distribution for less fatigue. Furthermore, the total lack of elastic fibers, entrusting the bag's entire elasticity to the exclusive manufacturing method, ensures the preservation of the bag's characteristics over time.

In addition to its functionality, the mesh bag stands out for its positive environmental impact. Made of a single completely recyclable material from sustainable sources, it helps reduce the environmental impact associated with the use of single-use plastic bags. Moreover, its durability over time and ease of repair or mending over the years help reduce the production of new waste, making it a responsible choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

100% Cotton: Mesh Bags Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

A highly appreciated characteristic of the mesh bags we offer is their ease of cleaning, guaranteed essentially by their single-material nature.

A quick hand wash or machine wash keeps them clean and ready for use without resorting to aggressive detergents or environmentally harmful chemicals.

Similarly, in case of tears, cuts, or damage, a simple knot or crocheted chain allows you to restore a mesh bag damaged by everyday wear and tear in just a few minutes.

Shopping from the Market or Supermarket to Home Has Never Been as Convenient as with a Mesh Bag

The mesh bag proves to be particularly useful during your weekly outings to the market or supermarket. Thanks to its large capacity and sturdy structure, it allows you to comfortably transport fruits, vegetables, and other groceries without risking damage, even carrying heavy loads exceeding 10 kg, without any fuss. Its lightweight and compactness make it ideal for always carrying it with you without being an inconvenient item.

Preserve Fruits and Vegetables Longer with Mesh Bags

The mesh bag is not only a useful accessory during shopping but can also help preserve fruits and vegetables longer once you're back home. With its breathable structure and the ability to be hung in the pantry, it allows air to circulate freely around the food, reducing the risk of mold and rot. Furthermore, its ability to absorb excess moisture helps keep food fresh longer, extending their shelf life.

Beach Mesh Bag: Truly Carry Everything, Even Beach Towels and Volleyballs

During a relaxing day at the beach, the mesh bag proves to be a valuable ally for comfortably transporting everything you need. Thanks to its lightweight and breathable structure, it allows you to easily carry beach towels, sunscreen, cold drinks, and everything else you need for a day at the beach in complete relaxation. Moreover, its ability to adapt to objects of various sizes makes it perfect for carrying beach volleyballs, beach rackets, and other accessories for fun.

The Original and Patented Filt 1860 Mesh Bag

Among the various mesh bags available on the market, the original and patented Filt 1860 mesh bag stands out. Characterized by a unique and recognizable design, this bag stands out for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Handmade entirely by expert craftsmen, each Filt 1860 bag is a unique piece, the result of a long tradition of mesh work.

The founders of Filet Filt, a family-owned yarn factory present in Caen, France, are the inventors of the most convenient invention for carrying medium and large-sized objects. The Filet Filt brand is the brand that invented the iconic mesh bag or net bag, and still produces them today using traditional methods, combining mechanized spinning with artisanal stitching and dyeing, with the same care and attention to detail as a grandmother sewing a crocheted mesh bag.

In addition to its appealing aesthetics, the Filt 1860 mesh bag is also known for its practicality and durability. Made with high-quality materials, it can withstand considerable weight without losing its original shape. Furthermore, its wide range of colors and patterns makes it suitable for every style and occasion, from daily use to the beach, to the most elegant events.