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EU Personal Purchase: pos receipt

For all personal European purchases we provide POS receipt.

Since we are also a local business or "brick and mortar" store, we can provide to all of our B2C customer a POS receipt for each purchase that is made on our online shop. You will find a paper receipt inside your delivery.

EU B2B and Extra EU B2B and Personal Purchases: Invoice

For all B2B European and B2B/B2C Extra EU purchases we provide commercial invoice.

B2B EU Purchases: Intrastat Invoice

For all European professional customer we ask for the VAT number in order to provide the stated commercial invoice. No Custom fees are involved.

B2B/B2C Extra EU Purchases: Export Invoice

For all Non-European customers we provide an export invoice in order to comply with local laws in terms of importation of commercial goods. Some Custom Fees may occur.