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extraits de parfum

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Extraits de parfum, or perfume extracts, are fragrances or perfumes in which the presence of ingredients from distillate or extract that connotes one or more notes of the olfactory pyramid, is defined in a much higher concentration than an eau de parfum. Such scented notes can be suspended or distilled on an ethyl base, such as in a perfume, or on an oily base. Often, the perfume extract is presented in an ampoule with roll-on or dispenser, but never spray, as it is too dispersive. The perfume extract reaches concentrations up to 35 or 40%, while an eau de parfum, for example, can reach up to 10 or 15%, the perfume extract, even if used with due parsimony, is guaranteed in this selection. , always from an adequate packaging, it can be persistent for the whole day, and beyond. Apparently more expensive, the accompaniment of an extrait de parfum in one's embellishment routine is a more sustainable, more ecological, more persistent and, often more lasting, solution than many eau de toilette and eau de parfum.