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The historic French yarn brand "Filt", est. 1855 in Normandy, stands out in the production and dyeing of resistant natural and organic yarns processed according to the patented mesh weaving. The net walking bags, shopping bags and market bags or netted shoppers are the iconic object created by the inventive of Filet Filt who patented them in 1860. Completely made with traditional procedures in France with natural yarns, certified organic and cruelty free, the filt net bags are resistant, practical and ideal for the most uses.

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Founded in 1855 in Normandy, the Filet "Filt" yarn company stands out for the development and patent of a net bag model with natural fabric, now certified Bio and Cruelty Free, with incredible resistance and practicality.

The filt bags offered here available in a multitude of colors are ideal for shopping at the market or at the grocery store, for storing fruit, vegetables and other food in the pantry or for daily use as a practical all-round bag.

Each Filt bag selected by us is exclusively from the collection made of Organic Cotton (Organic Certified) and Vegan (Cruelty Free).