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Crosley Coda Black
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Crosley Coda Black
  • Crosley Coda Black
  • Crosley Coda Black
  • Crosley Coda Black
  • Crosley Coda Black
  • Crosley Coda Black
  • Crosley Coda Black
  • Crosley Coda Black

Crosley Coda Black

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Crosley Coda Black is a hi-fi system complete with turntable, FM radio and Bluetooth. Crosley Coda implements the formidable qualities of Crosley's high-end cymbals by including an integrated 40W stereo amplifier, two high definition 2.1 speakers (speaker + tweeter for each channel) and Bluetooth input. Synchronous motor, diamond stylus, aluminum mono-shell platter, arm with adjustable counterweight, radio functionality with knob tuner and digital display, wireless and AUX IN input and pre-amplified RCA Line and AUX OUT outputs are the key features of a complete product like Crosley Coda Black, united in an aesthetically satisfying object with a mid 70's taste made with attention to detail with quality materials such as wood, fabric, polycarbonate and metal.

CROSLEY Coda Black, in the package resold here, INCLUDES THE TWO SPEAKERS

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Crosley Coda Dettaglio

Crosley Coda Black

Finishes and structural elements in quality materials welcome a highly respectable functional set-up for a product in the Crosley Coda price range - also known as Crosley Koda. Made in the "matt black" version, it contains the essentials for a complete audio experience: turntable with semi-professional quality, analog inputs and outputs, radio and Bluetooth input.

Crosley Coda: the classic mid-70's aesthetic

Crosley Coda is a compact object made essentially of audio grade wood, elegantly embellished with a matte black finish and elements in fabric and metal.

Crosley Coda's front mask and knobs are made of aluminum with screen-printed indicators. It can be conveniently inserted in the context of a library deep enough to be able to support it or on a specific console for turntables. The cable for connecting each speaker is sufficiently extended to allow the speakers to be positioned at an adequate distance, even in the case of a large room, to enjoy good stereo.

The front opening allows easy access to the functions of the turntable even with the lid half open and does not affect the protection from bumps or dust in any case guaranteed by the rigid side wooden walls, integral with the base.

The combination of the various aesthetic elements allows Crosley Coda Black to fit perfectly into the trend-trend of aesthetics belonging to the first half of the 70s, with clear contaminations from the previous decade highlighted by the use of thick fiber tweed fabric for the grids of the diffusers and the horizontal surface below the plate.

Crosley Coda: the functions of a complete hi-fi

The full size platter obtained from a single aluminum mold painted with a uniform layer of matte black paint can be operated with three speeds of 45 and 33 rpm and 1/3 and 78 rpm, and also includes the adapter for single discs (45 rpm). The Crosley Coda arm, made of metal, is of the semi-automatic type, with adjustable precision counterweight, lever lifting and AUTO STOP function and equipped with a magnetic movement cartridge and a professional Crosley diamond needle calibrated by us. act of shipment, but allows, thanks to the presence of standard tracks, the installation of even more performing points.

The range of functions is completed by the possibility of connecting smartphones, tablets or any device equipped to transmit audio via Bluetooth to take advantage of the Crosley Coda amplifier and speakers as a stereo hi-fi speaker and the FM radio function with digital clock. The control of the stations is guaranteed by a digital knob with feedback, for a more precise regulation of the frequency, and a backlit interactive display (when in use).

The high-performance external speakers included in Crosley Coda

The two units powered by Crosley Coda's 40W amplifier are organized in a 2.1 system with 3 "mid-range 15W 4 Ω speakers and 1" 5W 8Ω tweeter for each channel. Each speaker is connected and powered by the central unit by means of a single cable with jack termination.

A complete, low-cost turntable system with what it takes for high fidelity.

Crosley Coda Dettaglio

3-speed turntable with functional aluminum components.

Capable of playing records at 33 and 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm, it is the ideal console to play any collection of records.

Crosley Coda Dettaglio

Integrated Bluetooth receiver

On a break from the analog experience? Crosley Coda has your back, thanks to the integrated bluetooth reception function, you can transmit your playlists digitally and listen to it amplified through its speakers.

Crosley Coda Dettaglio

FM Radio and Digital Clock

Activate the FM Radio function and listen to your favorite radio broadcasts.

Crosley Coda Dettaglio

2.1 speakers matched in aesthetics.

This elegant hi-fi system was designed with the early seventies of the last century as an aesthetic reference.

Crosley Coda Dettaglio

Magnetic moving needle in Crosley Diamond

The Crosley diamond magnetic motion stylus is installed and aligned directly at the production site on your Crosley Coda, but uses a standard 1/2 inch mount so you can allow for future stylus and tonearm replacements.

Crosley Coda Dettaglio

Turntable dust cover for optimal protection and an unmistakable design touch 

Protection, but best in class accessibility always guaranteed, for a playback in complete safety and style.

Crosley Coda Dettaglio


Data sheet

24 Month - Italy & EU
Professional (Diamond NP15)
Sound channeling
Stereo 2.1
9.1 Kg (turntable) - 0.5 Kg (speaker)
Weight (boxed)
15.6 Kg
44 x 34 x 16 cm (turntable) - 13 x 14 x 18.5 cm (speaker)
Sizes (boxed)
50 x 42 x 20 cm
Audio sources
turntable, auxiliar input (mini jack 3.5mm - 1/8 inch), Bluetooth, radio
Audio outputs
RCA line, RCA phono, amplified audio clamps (2x channel)
33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM (electronic selector)
Auto Stop