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Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • -€6.00
Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley
  • Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley

Crosley C62 Walnut by Crosley

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Crosley C62 is a professional turntable system which includes a deck with the right credentials for the high fidelity and a powerful 2.1 stereo speaker system . Synchronous motor, azimuth arm, antiskate device, isolated centering pin, counterweight adjustment, grounding, RCA output Line & Phono and amplified line are the key features for a level turntable like Crosley C62.

This Crosley C62 Pack includes the two speakers.

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Crosley C62 Walnut

With elegant and minimal finishes, Crosley C62 Walnut easily integrates into any environment and any pre-existing system.

Made of audio grade mdf and walnut, Crosley C62 Walnut develops from 4 vibro-insulating pods, and integrates a synchronous motor, an azimuth aluminum arm, a centering pin isolated, a metal plate, a counterweight adjustment, the grounding, an RCA Line & Phono output (with an integrated pre-amplifier that can be excluded), and is elegantly enclosed and protected by a two-position transparent cover.

In this edition Crosley C62 Walnut includes a built-in stereo amplifier with a terminal output and two 2.1 speakers with similar finishes to the dish.

Crosley C62, thanks to the Bluetooth function, imposes itself as a complete and functional system for a multimedia quality experience.

The full size platter in matt black finished stainless steel can be adjusted to two speeds, 45 and 33 rpm per minute, and also includes the single disc adapter (45 rpm).

A premium moving magnet needle from Audio Technica i pre installed and pre-balanced in each Crosley C62

A well priced turntable with the credentials for high fidelity.

Crosley C62 Details

Adjustable counterweight, azimuth arm and metal structure.

Thanks to the presence of a synchronous motor and grounding, your audio experience with Crosley C62 will be pleasant and without the slightest interference.

Crosley C62 Details

Moving Magnetic Audio Technica Diamond Needle

A Magnetic movement Audio Technica Diamond Needle is installed and balanced directly at the production facility, it uses a standard 1/2 inch plug to allow any future replacements. Do not be fooled by the minimalist silhouette and clean lines of this turntable: the Crosley C62 is equipped with all the features you might want in a turntable.

Crosley C62 Details

Integrated Amplifier & Switchable Pre-Amplifier

Simply connect one or more amplified / powered speakers and you'll be ready to play. Thanks to the phono-line switch you can decide at any time to exclude the integrated pre-amp and use an external one. In addition to the RCA connection, you will also find the grounding terminal on the back of your C62 by Crosley and two stereo (two pin in each channell) amplified lines to connect the included speaker.

Distinguish Yourself

Powell Crosley, a rather radical boy of the 1920s, already knew that music was made by people for the people and decided to create a radio for everyone, the first quality radio, made with standard components but at the cost of a few dollars. In accordance to this tradition and with this entrepreneurial spirit, Crosley decided that even the vinyl listening experience should have been for everyone. The first record player from the new Crosley was born in 1992 when the CDs were king and queen of the music distribution market. At the time everyone thought that Crosley had been refounded on a bankruptcy business model: now, after more than 30 years Crosley is one of the largest producers of turntables in the world and the main proponent of the rebirth of vinyl in the new millennium.


Amplifica il tuo Stile

Amplify your Style.

This is the Crosley mantra. Expressions (of one's style) are an important part of everything we do, unlinked to time and age. From art to clothing, to spaces, even the contents we share on the web are all part of our vision of the world. Why should music be different? Colorful and fun, elegant and modern, funky and eclectic: there's a Crosley turntable for everyone.

Be Seen. Be Heard.

Crosley is elevating its production to a new level. Inspired by music lovers, the new models face the future with the desire for a high-fidelity adventure at heart.


Data sheet

24 Month - Italy & EU
Professional (Diamond - Audio Technica NP5)
Stereo 2.1
7.7 Kg
Weight (boxed)
11.8 Kg
36 x 42 x 12.5 cm (Unit) - 16 x 25 x 15 cm (Speaker)
Sizes (boxed)
42 x 42 x 51 cm
Audio In
Turntable, Bluetooth
Audio Out
RCA line, RCA phono, amplified audio clamps (2x channel)
USB Digital Output
Belt-Driven (with synchronous low vibration motor)
33 1/3, 45 RPM (mechanical selector)
Auto Stop