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Net Bags & Netted Bags

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Shopping mesh bag

Ideal as a net bag for daily shopping at the local market, at the corner store or at the supermarket, it is a susteinable lifestyle functional bag attentive to the better and less use of resources for disposable products. Made with quality yarns for maximum resistance even with heavier loads, mesh bags are also the best way to store fresh fruit at home, "hanging" as if it were still on the tree.

Cotton net bag

Traditionally made from cotton and other natural or organic fibers, since the advance of the first automatisms in the textile field, everyday bags have been the subject of innovative projects and ideas. The "net" process was patented in France in the mid-19th century and this is how the Filet Filt (Filt yarns) net bags were born in Caen.

Filet Filt - Filt Knitting (Caen, Francia)

Inventors of the most convenient invention to carry around and organize medium and large objects, the Filet Filt is the brand who invented the iconic net bag, also known as mesh bag, and continues to produce them nowaday with a traditional method, combining mechanized spinning processes with artisan seams and dyeing, aknowledging the same attention to detail given by a grandmother in making a crocheted net bag.

Eco responsible susteinable mesh bag

Produced with 100% biodegradable and / or recyclable materials and dyes, mesh bags are a completely reusable non-disposable ecological solution that is completely washable, easily repairable and a quality choice.