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Marius Fabre 2,5 Kg green bar of extra pure Marseille Soap with 72% olive oil
Marius Fabre  2,5 Kg green bar of extra pure Marseille Soap with 72% olive oil
  • Marius Fabre  2,5 Kg green bar of extra pure Marseille Soap with 72% olive oil
  • Marius Fabre  2,5 Kg green bar of extra pure Marseille Soap with 72% olive oil

Marius Fabre 2,5 Kg green bar of extra pure Marseille Soap with 72% olive oil

Marius Fabre

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Savon de Marseille à l’huile d’olive, en barre 2,5 Kg

Handcrafted soap bar, cut and stamped by hand, of Marius Fabre extra pure Marseille soap with olive oil, elegantly wrapped in tissue paper. Processed in the museum of the soap factory.

Delicate solid soap, naturally green colored, vegetable, biodegradable, without preservatives, without additives, without dyes, without palm oil and without perfumes, handcrafted according to the traditional method handed down for 5 generations in the soap factory, factory and museum in Salon en Provence by Marius Fabre.

Saponified olive oil is known to give the soap moisturizing, nourishing and antiseptic qualities.

For all skin types, dry, normal or oily, newborn or more mature skin

For the whole family also for house keeping use and self-production.

Weight 2,5 Kg e

Savon de Marseille

officially UPSM recognized

Eco Certification

indipendent entity issued

without palm oil

only olive, sunflower and coconut oils

Made in France

guarantee of origin seal

Cruelty Free

not tested on animals

Dye Free

without additive dyes

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Le veritable Savon de Marseille Marius Fabre in 2.5 kg bar cut and stamped by hand, extra pure recipe with 72% olive oil

From the laboratory and manufacture of the Marius Fabre museum factory in Salon en Provence, a 2.5 kg bar of Marseille soap in an extra pure green recipe with 72% olive oil, mainly useful as a body soap or as a degreaser in kitchen and laundry.

Ready to be carved, it is shipped fresh enough to be sliced on delivery with a steel wire or thin flat blade.

With a neutral smell, attributable, from the most attentive noses, to an aftertaste of squeezed and cooked olive in a pot, Marseille soap with olive oil is traditionally biodegradable and vegetable, free of additives and pleasantly appreciated by all types of skin.

Original and certified extra pure Marseille soap

The 2.5 kg Marseille soap bar is manufactured according to tradition in an artisanal way, in compliance with the dictates of geographical origin, within the territorial area of Marseille, of composition, with vegetable oils, salt, soda and water, and manufacturing process, slow cooking, for 10 days, defined by Colbert's edict of 1688. By also following the exclusive and perfected family recipe handed down for over a century and 5 generations by the Marius Fabre soap factory.

As founder member of the Marseille soap consortium, each Marius Fabre soap bears the UPSM guarantee seal.

ECO-CERT certified ecological solid detergent in 2.5 kg bar

Responsible raw materials, low environmental impact processing and completely biodegradable finished product make the Marseille soap cube a product in line with the dictates of the Eco-Cert Eco-Detergent certification, reserved for detergents and soaps that respect the planet and the world. animal.

Marseille soap ingredients

The ingredients and general proportions are listed in a Royal law over three centuries old and each Marseille soap, to be defined as such, must comply with the specificities enshrined in it.

The green bar of Marseille soap is made with water, olive oil, a pinch of coconut oil, soda and table salt. The craftsmanship of this specific reference, made in the factory inside the museum factory, makes each piece unique.

INCI: Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Aqua, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide

Marius Fabre olive oil Marseille soap now more sustainable with reduced packaging

Solid soap is exponentially greener than liquid soap, and Marius Fabre's 2.5kg Olive Oil Marseille Bar is certainly not an exception. Thanks to sustainable ingredients and a 100% biodegradable result, this green soap is the most ecological cleaner you can get your hands on.

As proof of a constant commitment and not only linked to respect for a tradition, the bar is delivered naked, simply protected in a layer of tissue paper, reporting the information on the product directly "stamped" on the soap itself.

Marius Fabre Marseille soap for sensitive, dry, oily and impure skin in green bar of 2 and a half kilograms

Suitable soap for the whole family, the slices that can be obtained by cutting the bar of soap are even more irreplaceable at the presence of specific skin conditions.

As a natural purifying antiseptic moisturizer, Marseille soap is suitable for use on the skin of newborns, very sensitive, on that of adolescents, especially on the face, as it is often impure and requires constant care, and on dry, oily or mature skin. , as a stabilizer and respectful of the balance of the skin.


Data sheet

2,5 Kg
Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Aqua, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide

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