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croissant café extrait de parfum néo tonka Versatile Paris
  • -10%
croissant café extrait de parfum néo tonka Versatile Paris
  • croissant café extrait de parfum néo tonka Versatile Paris
  • croissant café extrait de parfum néo tonka Versatile Paris
  • croissant café extrait de parfum néo tonka Versatile Paris

croissant café extrait de parfum néo tonka Versatile Paris

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Versatile Paris croissant café | extrait de parfum | néo tonka

Versatile Paris croissant and coffee | perfume extract | neo tonka

A Versatile Paris maison de parfum tribute  to the French breakfast.

néo tonka - appetizing (but not sickening) extrait de parfum, perfume extract, 15ml concentrated 32% roll-on without alcohol and without additives.

coffee, cappuccino, buttery, soft, creamy, toasted, woody, gourmand, warm.

croissant café: frenchy breakfast

Un profumo che sa di buono, gourmand, di pasticceria, che riscalda, originale, senza genere e vegano, sostenibile per l'uomo e l'ambiente.

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Versatile Paris croissant café Mediterranean perfume alcohol-free roll-on

A gesture of delicate sensoriality, a versatile perfume that evolves on the skin.

How to use Versatile Paris roll-on croissant café concentrated perfume extract

Apply to dry skin and let yourself be enveloped by the thick mantle of gourmand and pastry notes of coffee croissants, for an intoxicating and mellow emotional awakening.

croissant café: a nomadic perfume ...

Ce n'est pas la taille qui compte: mini format, maxi concentré | It is not the size that matters: mini size, maximum concentration.

... that lasts over time.

From 4 to 6 months it can be used on the basis of 2 applications per day.

Perfume extracts without alcohol, additives, preservatives: the safe, vegan and sustainable fragrances of Versatile Paris

All Versatile Paris perfume extracts are free of alcohol, BHT / BHA, UV filters, dyes, CMR and additives.

croissant café by Versatile: an anecdotal interview with the nose for the compositional process of the fragrance

Versatile x Flair | Independent studio

Elia Chiche - Junior Perfumer (FLAIR)

While designing Versatile Paris' croissant café, Elia imagined a Neo Tonka, reworking the idea of an ultra smooth coffee into something more engaging. Buttered, toasted, very warm and round notes (Caramel / Vanilla / Milk) gathered in a sweet and woody cappuccino. Appetizing, but far from disgusting.

A gourmet invitation to breakfast. ☕️🥐

The olfactory portrait of Elia:
Your personality? Beautiful with sarcastic humor!
Favorite olfactory family? Floral.
Favorite ingredient? Hay.
Hated ingredient? Aldehyde C14 (synthetic note with peach smell and cardboard bottom).
A perfume that comforts you? Neroli.
A smell that makes you uncomfortable? Always Aldehyde C14.
An original mix? Fennel-Rose, Fennel-Jasmine, all Fennel!

The ingredients of croissant café by Versatile Paris: because a perfume is not simply something that smells good.

The INCI list on the packaging of a cosmetic product is always more incomprehensible than informative. As it can reveal unclear, unknown or insufficiently detailed ingredients.

INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Tocopherol, Coumarin, D-Limonene, Isoeugenol.

Below, here are each carefully presented ingredient part of the INCI of café croissant:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil (origin: Spain): sweet almond vegetable oil, known for its moisturizing and soothing properties.

Perfume - Fragrance (origin: Grasse): The name that encompasses everything but which is never revealed. café croissant contains 21 ingredients between natural (🌱) and synthetic (🔬).

Head notes:

🔬 Diacetyl - Balsamic: Butter, Hazelnut 🔬 Sulfurol - Woody: sandalwood, pecans

Heart notes:

🔬 Coumarin - Balsamic: Almond, Floral | 🌱 Tonka Bean Absolute - Brazil - Balsamic: Almond, Hay | 🔬 Florol - Floral: pink, watery

Base notes:

🔬 Mysore acetate - Woody: sandalwood, floral | 🔬 Vetiveryl acetate - Woody: Vetiver, Peppery | 🔬 Bacdanol - Woody: sandalwood, amber | 🌱 Cade rectified Essence - Spain - Pyrogenic skin: smoky, woody | 🌱 CO2 Coffee - South America - Leather: Coffee / Chocolate, Tobacco | 🌱 Cedar Virginia Species - America - Woody: Pencil, Spicy | 🔬 Ebanol - Woody: sandalwood, coffee | 🔬 Ethyl Maltol - Fire Leather: Caramel, Toasted | 🔬 Ethyl Vanillin - Balsamic: Vanilla, Caramel | 🔬 Globalide - Moss: dusty, clean | 🔬 Methyl Cyclo Pentenolone - Pyrogen for the skin: coffee, smoke | 🔬 Musk T - Musk: floral, blackberry | 🔬 Sandalore - Woody: sandalwood, dusty | 🌱 Sesame CO2 - France - Gourmande: roast, peanuts | 🔬 Timbersilk - Woody: Cedar, Amber | 🔬 Vertofix Heart - Woody: Cedar, Irisé

Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil (origin: Italy): wheat germ oil, known for its nourishing and emollient properties.

Tocopherol (origin: Spain): Antioxidant derived from vitamin E which serves to prevent rancidity of the base oil.

3 allergens in small quantities (less than 0.1%). They are present in natural or used alone, as synthetic notes.

rital date, Versatile Paris extrait de parfum elegantly presented in a paper and glass casket.

Recycled and Recyclable: Recycled case made with corn residue / Glass roll-on bottle and ball / PE plastic ball cap and holder / Tamper-proof plastic adhesive

Biodegradable: Recycled paper labels

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