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Pure Marseille Verbena Soap 250gr Le Bien-être by Marius Fabre
Marseille Verbena perfumed pure olive oil soap (250gr) Le Bien Etre by Marius Fabre
  • Marseille Verbena perfumed pure olive oil soap (250gr) Le Bien Etre by Marius Fabre
  • Marseille Verbena perfumed pure olive oil soap (250gr) Le Bien Etre by Marius Fabre

Pure Marseille Verbena Soap 250gr Le Bien-être by Marius Fabre

Marius Fabre

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Made with olive oil, known for its nourishing properties, this 250 grams loaf with Verbena scent is saponified according to the traditional method of Marseille, without dyes, preservatives and additives added, enriched by a Verbena scent with only essential oil of Verbena flowers.

New collection "Le Bien-être" - The "Wellness" line of the Marius Fabre soap factory. New packaging, same product, same quality.

Marseille soap 100% PURE VEGETABLE with OLIVE oil perfumed with Verbena essential oil.

New 2020 recipe: Marius Fabre Marseille Soap Toilet Soaps are now WITHOUT PALM OIL, replaced by using exclusively Olive Oil and an equally effective Oleic Sunflower Oil with a high oleic acid content, which, similarly to Olive Oil, favors a lower tendency to oxidation, a lower environmental impact in the soap cooking phases and a longer duration of the product qualities over time but, at the same time, maintaining the particular moisturizing, antiseptic and detergent qualities of palm oil based soap.

Fully Vegetable and Biodegradable recipe, with essential oil, without preservatives and without synthetic fragrances.

Nicole design store is Officielle Marius Fabre Boutique Partner for the online market.

For this reason, our soap is always fresh from production, but above all, we guarantee to offer it to you at the best price.


Soap Weight: 250 gr.

Box and Soap Made in France

Savon de Marseille

officially UPSM recognized

Eco Certification

indipendent entity issued

without palm oil

only olive, sunflower and coconut oils

Made in France

guarantee of origin seal

Cruelty Free

not tested on animals

Dye Free

without additive dyes

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    Wiight: 250gr
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Sapone di Marsiglia Made in France sigillo Sapone di Marsiglia Originale Sapone di Marsiglia senza Olio di Palma
 100% Made in France
Marseille Soap
Without Palm Oil

Origin Guaranteed by the seal of quality.

Guaranteed by the Marseille Soap Professionals Union.

New recipe with Oleic sunflower oil.


Verbena pure olive oil Marseille soap 250gr Le Bien-être by Marius Fabre

Very gentle on the skin, it can be used daily to wash your hands and body, including sensible parts. The foaming efficiency of this soap is guaranteed not by a chemical agent external to saponification, but by a pinch of coconut oil, a natural nutrient which, if saponified with the traditional "Marseille" method, allows you to save on the amount of soap consumed.

From a solid expertise in Marseille soap, the new bien-être line, literally "well-being", traces a path for the care of your body by alternating traditional recipes, with sticks, soaps and liquid soaps.

An effective soap, which naturally softens the skin.

The "Marseille" production process guarantees "Extra pure" soap, free of impurities, capable of taking care of all skin types, even particularly sensitive ones (children, allergic, irritated skin, ...). Olive oil brings its nourishing virtues: Marius Fabre soap with olive oil helps to reduce the tendency to dry out of the skin *.

*SVHO / 99 Dermatology Clinic, Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, Dermatology Service.

Unique skills

The land of Provence has been linked for many centuries to the history of soap, whose manufacture was codified by the Sun King, Louis XIV (King's Edict, 1688).

The result of a traditional manufacturing process, in which nothing is left to chance, the Marseille soap Marius Fabre has always been cooked in pans and left to dry in the north wind, the Mistral.

For its preparation, based exclusively on the use of vegetable oils including, depending on the recipes, the precious olive oil, it takes at least 14 days.

Even today, fifteen soap factory workers operate in compliance with the manufacturing rules established by King Louis XIV.

Competence, patience and care are the first rules of an art that allows the Marius Fabre soap factory to offer a Marseille soap of unparalleled quality today.

In the huge cauldron the oils (or oil, depending on the recipe) and soda are poured. The soap paste is cooked for ten days at a temperature of 120 degrees C. Then several washes in salt water and pure water will then eliminate all impurities and traces of soda. The soap is then poured while still hot (70 degrees C) into the "mise", gigantic molds directly on the floor.


Purely vegetable, biodegradable, without phosphates or synthetic products, it does not pollute rivers and contributes to the protection of the environment. Furthermore, it requires very little packaging, made with only recycled paper and, if not available, FSC certified. The bottle and the cap are made of 100% recyclable plastic. 

Qualità, in breve:

100% vegetable oils: olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil;

Dye-free, without artificial / synthetic perfumes, without preservatives;

There are no synthetic chemical additives;

Cruelty Free, Products not tested on animals;

Without synthetic surfactants, without dyes, without preservatives;

Ingredients (INCI): UPDATING

The glycerin contained in the "Marius Fabre" Marseille soaps is not indicated as a synthesized ingredient during saponification but is the glycerin naturally contained in vegetable oil. Despite the 10 days of cooking and subsequent washing, a minimum quantity of this compnent still remains which, for fairness towards the consumer, since it's not policy mandatory, is mentioned as part (trace) in the INCI.

Due to the presence of some essential oils, specifically that of ylang ylang and nutmeg, the useof this soap is not recommended for those allergic to these substances. These ingredients, however, are present in less than 0.01% of the total and do not interfere with the fragrance of the soap.


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