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Sodium bicarbonate 700gr NATURE by Marius Fabre
Sodium bicarbonate 700gr NATURE by Marius Fabre
  • Sodium bicarbonate 700gr NATURE by Marius Fabre

Sodium bicarbonate 700gr NATURE by Marius Fabre

Marius Fabre

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Pure Sodium Bicarbonate of the Marius Fabre Saponificio, for the care of the home and the work environment, ecological, economical and completely natural.

Savon de Marseille

officially UPSM recognized

Eco Certification

indipendent entity issued

without palm oil

only olive, sunflower and coconut oils

Made in France

guarantee of origin seal

Cruelty Free

not tested on animals

Dye Free

without additive dyes

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Pure Sodium Bicarbonate Marius Fabre LAVOIR

Ideal for... Of innumerable qualities and properties, pure sodium bicarbonate is distinguished by ease of use and breadth of fields of application.

Sodium bicarbonate as a deodorant for home and work environments: Recover a bottle with spray dispenser, filling it with water and adding 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate and 10 drops of an essential oil to taste: spray evenly in the environment to perfume it .

Sodium Bicarbonate to clean combs and brushes. Fill a basin of water, dissolving two tablespoons of baking soda soaking combs and brushes to get a total and deep cleansing.

Sodium bicarbonate as a light surface scrub. Create a paste with bicarbonate and water and use it to clean the tub, the sink, and the joints. Apply the paste on the surfaces rubbing with a toothbrush or with a sponge, then rinse.

Sodium bicarbonate to clean sponges. Notoriously sponges are a receptacle of germs and must be changed often. To use them for as long as possible, disinfect them naturally with bicarbonate. Immerse them in a basin of warm water with 4 or 5 tablespoons of bicarbonate. Leave to work all day, rinse and put them to dry.

Sodium bicarbonate to clean the microwave ... Get a cup filling it with water, add a few tablespoons of baking soda and put it in the microwave. Boil the same for a few minutes and clean with a cloth. The steam that will be released will melt the dirt on the walls.

... but also to clean the oven. Make a thick paste with water and bicarbonate, then spread it on the walls of the oven, letting it work all night.
The day after, simply use a sponge to remove all the dirt.

... but also to clean the floors. Dissolve a glass of bicarbonate in a bucket of hot water and then use it to wash the floor surfaces normally.

Sodium bicarbonate to clean silver jewelry ... Cover a container with aluminum foil filling it with warm water and adding 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate and 1 of salt for each liter of water. Immerse the object by soaking it for an hour.

... to drain clogged sinks. Pour a glass of bicarbonate into the clogged drain, then a glass of vinegar (frizzerà and emit foam) and then immediately pour a pot of boiling water.

... to absorb odors in the fridge. Obtain a pan by filling it with bicarbonate and then put it in the fridge: it will absorb the bad smells.

... to absorb the odors of the dustbin. Cover the bottom of the bin with the bicarbonate which will absorb all the bad smells.


It requires little packaging, made with only recycled paper and, if not available, FSC certified. 100% recyclable.

Qualità, in breve:

- bicorbonato di sodio purissimo proveniente dalle scorte del sponifico Marius Fabre.

Composizione: Bicarbonato di Sodio

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate