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Marseille Soap Flake based Liquid Laundry Soap 1 L Nature by Marius Fabre
  • vegetal oil
  • 1 L
Marseille Soap Flake based Liquid Laundry Soap 1 L Nature by Marius Fabre
  • Marseille Soap Flake based Liquid Laundry Soap 1 L Nature by Marius Fabre

Marseille Soap Flake based Liquid Laundry Soap 1 L Nature by Marius Fabre

Marius Fabre

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Ready-to-use liquid soap for hand or machine laundry based on Marius Fabre original Marseille soap flakes. Biodegradable, with only vegetable oils (sunflower and coconut oil) and without palm oil.


New 2020 recipe: Marius Fabre Marseille Soap flakes are now WITHOUT PALM OIL, replaced by an equally effective Oleic Sunflower Oil with a high oleic acid content, which, similarly to Olive Oil, favors a lower tendency to oxidation, a lower environmental impact in the soap cooking phases and a longer duration of the product qualities over time but, at the same time, maintaining the particular cleaning qualities, especially on white garments, of palm oil based soap.

Formulated with ingredients of vegetable origin, the Marseille soap flakes from which this soap is obtained are saponified in a cauldron, following the slow cooking typical of the Marseille saponification method.

The result, in this 1 liter bottle, is a completely biodegradable, eco-friendly, detergent soap for washing machines, free of preservatives, dyes and perfumes, as well as any chemical or synthetic additive.

INCI: Aqua, Sodium Sunflowerseedate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Glycerin (normal result of saponification, not added), Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide.

CONTENT: 1 L e - 25/50 machine washes or 15/30 by hand.

Savon de Marseille

officially UPSM recognized

Eco Certification

indipendent entity issued

without palm oil

only olive, sunflower and coconut oils

Made in France

guarantee of origin seal

Cruelty Free

not tested on animals

Dye Free

without additive dyes

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    CONTENT: 1 L e 25/50 machine washes  or 15/30 by hand

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Sapone di Marsiglia Made in France sigillo Sapone di Marsiglia Originale Sapone di Marsiglia senza Olio di Palma
 100% Made in France
Marseille Soap
Without Palm Oil

Origin Guaranteed by the seal of quality.

Guaranteed by the Marseille Soap Professionals Union.

New recipe with Oleic sunflower oil

Marseille Soap based liquid soap by Marius Fabre - 1 liter pack Nature

Marseille's liquid soap effectively washes all fabrics, both in the washing machine and by hand, it is ideal for delicate washes, respectful of baby fabrics, wool, silk, lace, precious fabrics, linen, etc ...

Often recommended for washing baby clothes, it is a quality product for the whole family.

Biodegradable and without phosphates, it does not pollute rivers and fully respects the environment, since it is reabsorbed by it in just 48 hours.

Contenuto: 1L e


Enter about 25 / 100ml of product into the washing machine drum or into the washer dispenser (avoiding the use of the pre-mixing function) and start the washing cycle.

It can also be used as a hand wash soap.

Particularly recommended for washing clothes and blankets for newborns, fragile fabrics (silk, wool) and clothes for people at high risk of skin irritation from detergent it is an Hypoallergenic soap.

Segetable oils only based soap, made following the Marseille soap manufacturing tradition guaranteed by Marius Fabre.

This product is a real Marseille soap and boasts the official consortium logo to protect the original "Savon de Marseille".

Qualità, in breve:

Not tested on animals;

Without dyes, without perfume, without preservatives;

Formulation free of chemicalsynthetic and non-biodegradable additives;

Manufactured from 100% vegetable oils obtained responsibly: Linoic Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil (Sodium Cocoate) are obtained only from plantations and crops and not from deforestation in endangered ecosystems.

Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Sunflowerseedate, Sodium Cocoate), Aqua, Glycerin (normal result of saponification, not added), Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide.

THE "GLYCERINE": The glycerin contained in the "Marius Fabre" Marseille soaps is not indicated as a synthesized ingredient during saponification but it is the glycerin naturally contained in the vegetable oil and which is released in the saponification process. Despite the 10 days of cooking and the subsequent washing, a minimum quantity of this still remains which, for fairness towards the consumer, is mentioned as part (trace) in the INCI. Being present in quantities of 0.0001ppm, in fact, it may not even be specified in the ingredients list. IN ALL SOAPS IT IS PRESENT, EVEN IN THOSE THAT DO NOT INDICATE IT.


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