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Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
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Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white
  • Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white

Braun Audio LE02 weiss | white

Braun Audio

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Braun Audio LE02 | high fidelity loudspeaker | AUX-IN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, AirPlay 2, ChromeCast | voice control | 2 year warranty from official Braun Audio dealer | LE02 - white

with integrated Google voice assistant and microphone activated by mechanical switch for a real privacy mode

Braun Audio LE02 - white is the middle model of the new LE speaker series from Braun. A high-end hi-fi sound speaker enclosed in a timeless and compact design object, heir to the lines designed by Dieter Rams in 1960 for the LE series of the time, and combines, in an elegant and minimalist single component, all the latest high-performance audio technologies to the latest practices of wireless streaming and voice control, while also maintaining independent functionality via AUX-IN auxiliary input or Bluetooth.

LE02 by Braun Audio is designed to always guarantee the diffusion of a clear, crystalline, non-directional panoramic sound, ideal for non-strategic positioning of the device, which allows an exposure in total freedom and harmony to the accessories and furnishing elements that already define the environment in which it will be positioned.

Braun Audio LE02 white in a nutshell:

  • all-in-one monolithic design and premium materials: LE0E unit body and rear grille in aluminum with front grille in fabric, two steel pedestals and one power cord
  • matte white finish with contrasting pictogram control elements according to Pantone Braun
  • pause/play button, previous track, next track, volume control, bluetooth pairing, summon voice assistant and physical microphone disconnect switch
  • volume level status LED and active use mode
  • AUX-IN stereo analog audio inputs on Jack 3.5mm and independent Bluetooth aac
  • Dual band Wi-Fi and ethernet for AirPlay 2, ChromeCast, Google Assistant and access to over 300 streaming services
  • frequency response: 62Hz - 21500Hz (-6dB)
  • 3 active and 2 passive elements: 1 x 5.25" woofer, 2 x 2.5" speakers and 2 in-house designed quadratic radiators by Braun Audio
  • 2 class D amplifiers
  • 4 microphones for active acoustic echo cancellation, spatial perception, voice recognition and equalization refinement
  • ARM processor dedicated to playback of Hi-Res Audio formats from all digital sources
  • app control possible for linking multiple units, equalization and spatial management
  • possible pairing of two units in stereo mode or multiple units in multi-room mode
  • dimensions: unit 48 x 17 x 9 cm, with stand included 48 x 21 x 14 cm for approximately 6 kg
  • Braun Audio official 24-month warranty included
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Braun Audio LE02 is a compact high-fidelity audio system engineered by Braun

Braun Audio's new LE series is one of the few single component audio systems to be completely designed and engineered in-house. Starting from the external design, LE02 by Braun Audio presents characteristics unequivocally linked to the tradition of Braun, with characteristic aesthetic elements and a minimal pantone. The discrete components are completely customized and free of integrated, drivers or off shelf radiators, as well as the management of the equalization and the spatial perception of the environment are managed by software developed specifically for the Braun Audio LE02.

Despite 30 years of absence from the high fidelity audio market, in LE01, LE02 and LE03 Braun Audio demonstrates that it has a clear pulse on the priorities of the demanding clientele it addresses: a music box that favors richness and clarity well balanced at any volume level, intelligent features, such as internet streaming and independent voice assistant that can be physically deactivated if necessary, and the mandatory presence of cable audio inputs, qualities expressed in their maximum form in this flagship device The flagship of the Braun Audio LE three-speaker audio series.

Skillful control surfaces functionally integrated into the Braun LE02

Simple but complete physical controls with a satisfying tactile response on playback, intelligent functions and available connections, are integrated in a monolithic design of functional spatiality with an intuitive and elegantly integrated user interface in the form of LE02.</p >

On the dashboard we find volume control, pause / play, next track, previous track, Bluetooth pairing, activation of the voice assistant and switch for the physical disconnection of the microphones. The volume and track control keys are functional in all modes of use of the device.

AirPlay 2 wireless speaker and high fidelity ChromeCast: Braun Audio LE is unique on the market.

Three high fidelity audio speakers not only analog, but perfectly designed to meet the needs of streaming via the internet of contemporary uses with over 300 accessible services and full compatibility with AirPlay 2 by Apple and ChromeCast by Google / Android, thanks to the wireless network connection available on all models and the Ethernet network in LE 01 and 02.

Stereo pairing, portrait and landscape mode of Braun LE LE02 and multi-room functionality.

Braun LE 02 can be paired with a twin unit to create an even more immersive sound and accentuate channel separation thanks to the stereo-pairing mode, available both when positioned horizontally and vertically on the appropriate accessory supports.

All Braun LE series can be inserted in a multi-room diffusion context and integrated into systems managed on AirPlay, ChromeCast or Braun Audio App.

Braun Audio LE02: integrated Google Assistant voice assistant, but dedicated to privacy

Braun Audio LE02 and the units of the same LE01 and LE03 series include the latest technologies in terms of voice recognition, and with them all the conveniences derived from voice interaction for playback control and home automation functions that may be present in your network, but also include a switch that physically disconnects the microphones useful for this interaction in case you prefer to maintain a higher privacy profile, a switch that can only be repositioned by pressing it.

Braun Audio LE01 technical characteristics in detail:

peculiar features

  • all-in-one design: just one power cord
  • wireless: dual band Wi-Fi and aac Bluetooth
  • wired : AUX-IN jack 3.5mm and Ethernet
  • Google ChromeCast and Apple AirPlay 2
  • Google Assistant integrated

how to use

  • single unit horizontally: stereo
  • vertical single unit: mono
  • Vertically Paired Units: Stereo

mechanical and electronic audio characteristics

  • 1 x 5.25" high excursion aluminum cone woofer with fast transition NdFe motors
  • 2 x transducers with 2.5" full-range balanced radiators
  • 2 x 8" x 4.5" Quadratic Custom Passive Radiators
  • 2 x high definition (HD) Class D monolithic power amplifiers

digital audio characteristics

  • 32 ARM digital signal processorbits
  • frequency response: 62Hz - 21500Hz (-6dB)
  • 96kHz/24-bit HD audio streaming
  • supported audio formats: HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), FLAC, Opus

physical checks

  • summon voice assistant
  • mechanical microphone mute switch
  • play/pause
  • previous track and next track
  • volume up and volume down
  • turn on Bluetooth pairing

in-app controls

  • App available for iPhone or iPad with iOS 10.3 or Android 5.0 (6.0 for tablets) and higher
  • spatial equalization based on unit placement
  • custom EQ based on music genre or personal settings
  • linking multiple units

voice control

  • all the features of Google Assistant

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