KeepCup XS 4oz

This size is perfect for espresso, macchiato, cortado and piccolo - the short version, the shot. Our customers often use with their children, in Australia giving your child a "babycino" can provide a respite for you to enjoy your own coffee.

KeepCup SiX 6oz

In Melbourne it's a magic, in London it's a flat white, in the US it's a revolution. The size that most closely replicates a ceramic cup and saucer; great for 3/4 latte, flat white. It is great for a stronger coffee with less milk and an even more portable size.

KeepCup Small 8oz

Our original KeepCup. This size most closely resembles the internal volume of an in-house glass. It is a disposable cup size, more common in independent specialty coffee houses.

KeepCup Medium 12oz

The medium is appropriate for all the same coffees as the small, is one of the most popular sizes in takeaway coffee environments. The internal volume would be similar to a large mug. It is great for tea and iced beverages too.

KeepCup Large 16oz

This is a large cup, the internal volume is almost half a litre of liquid and replicates disposable cup volumes.